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Roosters Mens Grooming Center

Mens Grooming Center. The Roosters model is unique to the marketplace. We are not a discount hair chain, so our staff is not pressured to achieve high-client turnover. Unlike unisex salons, we have a well-defined clientele and a strong brand-identity.

REGIS Corporation

A Fortune 1000 company and the global leader in hair services and products. We franchise hair salons and hair care brands in an industry with the distinction of providing consumer services fundamental in any community and any economic climate.


At Supercuts, we're all about giving the latest cuts while keeping money in your pocket. We're talking haircuts that make you feel like you rock. Because that's what everyone wants when they walk out of the salon. That swagger, that strut, that rock star confidence. With over 2,100 locations across the country that never require an appointment, we make it easy to get the great hair you deserve.

Cost Cutters

Our insight into customers’ needs has helped us excel in this lucrative value-salon sector, making Cost Cutters an extremely strong brand and a household name. Our convenient locations make us especially appealing to busy families and men. We employ expertly trained stylists who provide current hairstyles at an affordable price without the need for an appointment.

First Choice Haircutters

Celebrating over 30 years of professional haircare. Experience our fresh, friendly and affordable approach to women’s, men’s and kids’ hairstyles. Show off your style with a new haircut and hair colour. Or try highlights and curls. Our hair stylists are friendly, current and creative, offering full-service, professional haircare for the whole family. With no-appointment convenience, you can drop by any time. We’re right in your neighbourhood, so pop in today.


At Magicuts, you can expect the best. We offer excellent, upscale style at prices that won’t stretch your budget. Choose from a full selection of salon services. Whether you need a trendy cut, highlights, or a special style, Magicuts will exceed your expectations.

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