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Indiana Franchise Laws

How to Find State Specific Franchise Laws for Indiana

Business Opportunities:

The truth about work at home scams

The thought of earning a lucrative salary from the comfort of home is a tempting one – and that's precisely why so many organizations take advantage of unsuspecting Hoosiers through "work at home" business opportunities. Learn how to avoid being taken advantage of by knowing what to look for.


A business opportunity is commonly referred to as a "work at home" job. Examples of common business opportunities include:

					Envelope stuffing
					Transcribing medical records
					Operating vending machines
					Setting up display racks
					Internet malls

The Indiana Business Opportunity Transaction Act regulates the sale of business opportunities in the state of Indiana if they require an initial investment of more than $500.

  • Be wary of investment amounts just under $500 (for example $495) as this is likely an indication that the seller is trying to avoid regulation as a business opportunity seller.
  • Most business opportunities are advertised in the classified sections of newspapers or through Internet sites, and promise a large monthly income while allowing you to be your own boss and set your own hours.
  • Most people find that the promise of a large income never materializes. Often, the sellers never deliver the goods.
  • Or, if the goods are delivered, investors discover that they are low quality and/or the market for them does not exist or is already over-saturated.
  • Many sellers require you to sign leases for credit card machines or other services that allow them to deduct money from your account each month. Many people find that the withdrawals continue long after they attempt to cancel the contract.

Helpful Tips

  • Before soliciting or advertising the sale of a business opportunity, a seller must register and post a bond with the Indiana Attorney General's Office.
  • You can contact the attorney general's office to learn if the company is registered.
  • Properly registered sellers must use the attorney general's office registration number in any advertisements.
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