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Minnesota Franchise Laws

How to Open a Small Business in Minnesota (including Franchises)

Opening a small business in Minnesota involves making decisions in many areas. The Positively Minnesota website, run by the Department of Employment and Economic Development, can help you get started with information and resources to assist in making the decisions necessary to start a business in Minnesota.


					1.	Choose how you will structure your business. Decide on partnership, sole proprietorship, business corpo
						ration, limited liability company or another type of business, such as an S corporation, nonprofit or coop
						erative. Name your business, and file that name with the Minnesota Secretary of State office. Call 651-
						296-2803 to request or go to www.sos.state.mn.us to download the Certificate of Assumed Name.

					2.	Comply with the appropriate legal matters that pertain to your type of business. These laws and regula
						tions are in place to protect the business, consumers and public resources. These include securities or 
						franchise registration, business licenses and permits, employment law issues and doing business on the 

					3.	Draft a business plan. This document will be used as a road map to grow a business, request funding and 
						effectively compete in a specific industry. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), "A 
						successful business plan should include something about...the Executive Summary, Market Analysis, 
						Company Description, Organization & Management, Marketing & Sales Management, Service or Product 
						Line, Funding Request, and Financials.

					4.	Collect, organize and maintain financial records for the business. This information is useful to operate the 
						business profitably. The records will also be looked at by investors and creditors for granting credit to the 

						Attend one of the workshops designed to assist Minnesota employers with tax issues. These are federal 
						and state tax workshops that introduce a business owner to employment tax issues and cover basic Min
						nesota sales tax issues, including how and when to file taxes. A workshop for businesses that make prod
						ucts focuses on the management of sales tax. 

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