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South Dakota Franchise Laws

How to Open a Small Business in South Dakota (including Franchises)

South Dakota encourages the start-up of small businesses within the state by providing many resources for entrepreneurs to explore online. These online resources allow entrepreneurs to register their business name, register for state taxes, and obtain information about applicable licenses and permits. With these resources, entrepreneurs can take the first steps toward starting new businesses.


					1.	Go to the South Dakota Secretary of State website to register your fictitious business name. To do busi
						ness in South Dakota, you must first select a business name and properly register it with the state. This 
						prevents businesses from acquiring the same name.

						Once you have gone to the website, select "Register a Name." Then enter in your business name, busi
						ness address, owner(s) name, and owner(s) address. Lastly, agree to the $10 fee and select the "Register 
						this Business" button.

					2.	Register your business with the South Dakota Secretary of State Office. All profit and nonprofit corpora
						tions in South Dakota must submit an Articles of Incorporation form.

					3.	Call the U.S. Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-4933 to receive an EIN number for your business. An 
						EIN number is a tax identification number for businesses. If you are self-employed or a small business 
						with no employees you may continue to use your social security number if you prefer.

					4.	Register for state taxes in South Dakota with the Department of Revenue and Regulations. Select "Click 
						Here" next to "start a new application" and enter the owner, business, and tax identification number.

					5.	Go to SDReadyToWork.com to find out about any licenses or permits you need to obtain to run your busi

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